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Suzy Alden

Performing and Visual Artist

Hi!  I'm a D.C.-based performing artist.  Although primarily an actor in theatre and film, I also work as a director, educator, scenic artist, and more.

Telling great stories is my passion!



Despite quarantine, or perhaps in light of it, lots of art was still created.  Here are some projects I've had the privilege of being part of since Covid:

Virginia Lottery Summer Scratchers
Synetic Theatre Training Tutorial


Performances at Museum of the Bible


During the pandemic, Suzy was fortunate enough to remain employed with  Museum of the Bible, performing and producing Living History programs for Jewish festivals (Hannukah, Passover, Shavu'ot, etc.) and Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter).  She also performed for their virtual K-12 programs, and created an hour long interactive program, Scribing Through the Ages, which will run throughout summer 2021.


Instagram feed :


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